Preparing For Surgery

It is important that you are well educated before you undergo surgery…

Before your surgery you will have a thorough consultation with Clin. Prof Mark Sywak, who will openly discuss his operative methods with you.

If you have a heart condition, or if you are a diabetic and are on any blood thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin or you have any other major medical conditions please advise Dr Sywak at your initial consultation.


At your consultation you will be given hospital paperwork. This needs to be completed either on the day of your consultation or at home and sent back to our practice at least 2 weeks prior to your planned surgery date


If you are taking aspirin or any other blood thinning medications such as aspirin or warfarin please stop 10 days prior to surgery unless otherwise indicated by Clin. Prof Mark Sywak. All other medications can continue to be taken up to the morning of surgery. If you are unsure whether your medication is okay to take, please call us on 02 9030 1652 or email our rooms at

Food and beverage intake

The hospital will contact you the working evening prior to your surgery to give you fasting instructions, as a general rule there is no food or beverage intake (including water) for 6 hours prior to surgery. If you have not heard from the hospital you can contact them and ask to be put through to admissions to obtain this information.

Admission time

The hospital will contact you the working evening prior to your surgery to give you a time to present at the hospital. This is generally 3 hours prior to your planned surgery start time

Pre-admission clinic

Some patients may need to attend a pre-admission clinic to assess fitness for surgery. The hospital will be in contact with you if they wish for you to attend.

For your stay

For you stay in hospital you will need to bring toiletries and loose fitting clothing to wear post-operatively. If you are being admitted as a private patient you will also need to bring payment of any excess you may have with you health insurance policy.

You will be required to remove all jewellery and any false nails and you will need to arrange a responsible driver to take you home upon discharge.

For specialists in thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery, contact Sydney Endocrine Surgery by clicking here.


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