Preparing For Initial Consultation

Read below to see what you can do to ensure that you get the most from your initial consultation…

We are committed to providing our patients with excellent health care, however to ensure that we have as much information relating to your condition to assist in your diagnosis and treatment planning we require you to bring all relevant letters, x-rays, biopsy results and blood test reports to your appointment.

All appointments

When attending our practice please ensure that you bring the following with you:

  • Referral letter
  • Medicare card
  • Health Insurance information
  • Completed patient information form
  • Past medical records relating to your condition
  • List of questions you wish to ask the doctor during your visit
  • Please see below for a list of required documents for specific endocrine conditions.

Thyroid nodules and cysts

  • Biopsy for nodules over 1cm
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Thyroid function blood tests
  • Calcium and corrected calcium level blood tests

Graves disease or thyrotoxicosis

  • Thyroid function tests
  • Thyroid ultrasound or nuclear medicine scan


  • Sestamibi nuclear medicine scan
  • Parathyroid hormone level blood test
  • Calcium and corrected calcium level blood test
  • Albumin level blood test
  • Vitamin D level blood test

Adrenal lesions

  • CT scan
  • 24 hour urinary Catecholamines, Metanephrines and 24 hour urinary Free Cortisol.
  • Serum aldosterone/Renin ration test
  • DHEAS tests
  • Serum Electrolytes test

For specialists in thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgery, contact Sydney Endocrine Surgery by clicking here.


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